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Welcome to the Town of Wiggins

The Gateway to the Plains and the Rockies

Wiggins is a welcoming community that values diverse growth in our schools, residents and businesses which enhances our cultural fabric. The community has grown from a small rural community to a place of interest, situated at the intersections of Interstate 76, Hwy 34, and Hwy 52; making it the "Gateway of the Plains and the Rockies".  It is a statutory municipality of about 1200 people, located at the edge of Morgan County.  While the region's natural environment continues to be a main economic driver of the community, the focus of Wiggins' location has shifted from agricultural endeavors to one of providing an alternative location for small community residential and commerce that enhances the quality of life for residents who desire to live away from the more densely populated urban area.


Where We Came From

The community was established in 1882 as the Burlington railroad depot of Corona. Corona was renamed in honor of Oliver P. Wiggins around the early 1900's, who served as a guide and scout for Captain John C. Fremont, on some of his explorations through northern Colorado in the 1840s. The Town experienced major flooding in 1965 and 1973 that provided encouragement to move forward with incorporation in order to receive more funding from the State of Colorado and assistance from the Burlington Northern Railroad and the Army Corp of Engineers. The Town was incorporated October 1, 1974.  

What We Have To Offer

The Town of Wiggins is surrounded by various agricultural producers and offers the opportunity of boating, fishing, camping, hunting, as well as family recreation. The Town of Wiggins is home to it own top-rated school district; providing education to children ages Pre-K through 12th grade.  Family owned businesses and restaurants are an integral part of the small community lifestyle in Wiggins.  In addition, Wiggins is one of the few municipalities in Colorado that is home to a gigabyte internet provider.

Where We Are Headed

The Town of Wiggins has experienced growth with the establishment of a residential subdivision known as Kiowa Park.  The Town continues to seek sensible growth with commercial growth at Roberts81 and additional residential growth within The Farm Subdivision.


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