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Planning & Zoning Meeting Links / Information

Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting Information

The Planning & Zoning Commission will be providing their board meetings from the Board Room at Town Hall.  Seating is open to the public, but limited due to COVID-19.  Community members may also directly participate through the live ZOOM link.  Although the meetings are open to the public, community comments will only be taken during the public comment sections of a hearing.

Planning & Zoning Commissioner meetings are:

                Regular Meetings -2nd Tuesday of each month (when there is a scheduled item)


BY EMAIL: can email comments by sending an email by 4:00p.m. the day of the meeting to the Town Clerk at, emails received by 4:00p.m. will be read into the minutes.   Emails must contain name, address, and topic/question. 


The board meeting will be recording and streaming from a ZOOM webinar AND available to the public.  Community members may click on the link to the left to be connected directly to the session.  Public comment will only be taken during the Public Discussion portion of a of a hearing.  Attendees will be muted at all other times. You may need to copy and paste the link.   You may also use the phone numbers below with the webinar ID if you prefer to call in.

REGULAR MEETINGS: ALL community members who wish to address the commissioners must follow the same guidelines as if we were in the board room.  You will need to clearly state your name and address prior to addressing the board.  You will have 3 minutes to state your concerns.

PUBLIC HEARING SESSIONS: ALL public hearing sessions built within a Regular Meeting will allow the public to address the Commissioners during the hearing's designated time. 

Planning & Zoning Meeting Link

Zoom Meeting Link - Zoom Link

Connect by Phone - Dial 7207072699  or 7193594580

                                 Webinar ID - 892 8204 4351

YouTube Meeting Link - Wiggins YouTube Link