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Contact: Hope Becker


Announcing New CommunityCore!!!

Wiggins is switching from our current permitting system, Cascade, to a new permitting system called CommunityCore.  We are very excited to bring this new software to you, as it contains very similar functionality as Cascade and has many new features.

All permits and data currently in Cascade have migrated into CommunityCore.  All active and inactive permits, and associated information have moved into CommunityCore.  All permits have retained their current status and you will have access to view the same information you previously had through Cascade.

Please contact the Wiggins Building Department if you have questions or concerns at 970-483-6161 or email Hope Becker at

CLICK HERE(opens in new window)(opens in new window)(opens in new window)(opens in new window) to register on the new CommunityCore System.  Once your new registration is created, you will have access to your existing permits and contractors license or may apply for new applications.

CONTRACTORS PLEASE NOTE!!! If you use CommunityCore with other jurisdictions, you may now use your existing login and password to access your Wiggins information.  

Existing CommunityCore users may CLICK HERE(opens in new window)(opens in new window)(opens in new window)(opens in new window) to access their accounts.




Notice to Contractors and Homeowners

The Town of Wigging is now requiring an ‘Energy Compliance Certificate” as part of the requirements to show compliance with 2018 International Energy Conservation Code. The certificate will be required on all new residential permits as of May of 2022.

Along with the certificate form, leak test reports for Ductwork and Building Envelope will be required. The Certificate form will be provided with approved documents and will also be available on Town of Wiggins Building department website and Procode website for download. Testing reports and certificate should be completed and available to the inspector during Final Inspections and will required prior to Certificate of Occupancy.

 Energy Compliance Form

For questions regarding this requirement please contact Procode at 970-305-3161

The form has been added to CASCADE and applicants will be able to download as they are completing the application. Also, applicants have to select a compliance option for the energy code (mandatory requirement) in order to move forward with the application process.