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Burn Permits


 Permit-Required Open Burning

If you plan to burn anything outdoors, you need to check with the State of Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) website to determine if you need to obtain a burn permit and when opening burning is allowed.

Residents should contact CDPHE on their website or by calling the Air Pollution Control Division at 303-692-3268 to obtain and complete an open burning application. Once a burn permit has been granted, permit holders are encouraged to notify the Town of Wiggins Police Department AND the Wiggins Rural Fire District on the day of the burn to ensure conditions are safe for open burning. 

PLEASE NOTE: The burning of trash is strictly illegal. Burning trash is illegal whether it is a recreational fire, permit-allowed open burning, or a farmer doing agricultural burning. Small recreational fires may only burn sticks, branches, or firewood. Construction materials and lumber (2x4’s, etc.), plastic, furniture, appliances, household garbage, tires, chemicals, etc. are not allowed to be burned.


OPEN BURN – similar to a campfire ring or just piles that are not contained.  If a barrel or a fire pit with a grate is being utilized then this would not constitute as an open burn.  The pit or barrel must have cover abilities. 


  • Community member must apply for an open burn permit from CDPHE.  The link (CLICK HERE) has various ways to turn the application in.  Town Staff does not determine how long it takes for an application to be approved.

  • Community members must file the approved CDPHE application at Town Hall.

  • Open Burn is only the 3rd weekend of every month and only from 3 hours after sunrise to 3 hours before sunset.  (Weekend would be defined as Saturday and Sunday since business days are typically defined as Monday to Friday)

  • No burning on public Town Right-of-Way

  • Must burn at least 20 feet from any structure. 

  • Fire must be constantly attended until fire is extinguished.

  • May only burn small tree limbs (less than 1" in diameter) lawn shrub, and garden trimmings, and other vegetation.

  • May burn household trash which is defined as paper, cardboard, and untreated wood products.  NO food wastes, plastics, coated or treated wood products or rubber.

  • Notify the Town Police Department and Wiggins Rural Fire District at 970-483-6666 once CDPHE permit is approved.